Lucet et Ardet

It shines to enkindle


St Aloysius Gonzaga was a 16th century prince, heir to the throne of the marquisate of Gonzaga in Italy, had at his disposal everything he could have desired in life. But inspired by a deep spirit of faith and moved by a deep love for his fellow persons, at the age of 18 he abdicated his rights and entered the Jesuit order to be a religious whose wealth would be God alone and whose happiness would be the service of others. While Aloysius was still in training there was a plague in Rome. Victims of the plague had no hope of recovery and were being abandoned everywhere for fear of contagion. The youthful Aloysius, who was then 23, rose up to the occasion with his companions and immediately set about caring for the sick and the dying, risking his own life. The risk, however, was too great; Aloysius became a victim of the disease and died in the midst of his noble work, offering his life as a sacrifice for others. It is the example of his life, pure and noble, not seeking the glories of this world but genuinely concerned about the good of others – that is proposed to you as a model here.