Lucet et Ardet

It shines to enkindle


St Aloysius Institution, Mangalore which began as a small institution serving a few hundred students more than 143 years ago, has today grown into a complex educational enterprise, with various units scattered all over two sprawling campuses, where more than 14,000 students, both boys and girls pursue their studies in various disciplines. St Aloysius Institutions seek to establish a congenial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community, in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.


To keep before you always the aims of your education in this college and the heights to which you must aspire, you have the Crest and the Motto of this Institution. In the right half of the shield-like Crest you have three soaring eagles, reminding you not to be satisfied with mediocrity but aim truly high in intellectual, physical and spiritual development; you have also a jumping Lion symbolic of the vigour and boldness you must cultivate. To the left half of the Crest you have the sun shining over the west coast. Every student who passes through the portals of this institution must be like the sun, illumining and contributing to the growth of the people in this land. When you look back at the college Crest, in the centre of the rising sun, there are the letters IHS. This is the abbreviation of the name of Jesus (which in Greek is written as I H S U S). That name is symbolic of the deepest faith in God, the deepest commitment to humanity and the readiness to sacrifice everything, even one’s life for others.