Lucet et Ardet

It shines to enkindle

Clubs & Associations 2021-22

The Eco Club has been constituted in SAPUC with the aim of creating environmental awareness by educating the youth, offering programmes for the students and motivating them to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. Commemorating the World Environment Day, the members of the club took the initiative of planting saplings as a symbolic representation on restoring our ecosystem. The association has been conducting a series of theme based competitions such as Collage making competition, Slogan writing competition, Video presentation and Art in motion.

The Dramatics Association aims to discover, develop and display the theatrical skills of students, bringing out the actor in them and enabling them to express themselves through role play, expressions and other skills that a stage performance requires. The Association fosters the theatrical skills in its students through talks on Street Theatre and Yakshagana, Mono-acting competition and a competition on Emotional Expressions for its members.

The Humanities Association enables its members to express their creative side and awaken their inner trailblazer by participating in various competitions and workshops. Talks and workshops with eminent speakers from across the country, competitions such as Origami, Digital poster making, Essay writing, Drawing, Street play, Stamp designing, Preamble making are held to instill confidence and creativity in its members.

Yoga education helps in self discipline and self control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness. The objective of this club is to teach students to maintain good health and to practice mental hygiene. To encourage the practice of self discipline and to improve concentration skills a talk on the topic, 'Yoga for Well Being’ and workshops to promote Yoga is arranged for its members.

The purpose of Mathematics Club is to develop students’ level of Math skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles. The main objective of the club is to explore Mathematics beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situation. The association inculcates in its members Mathematical skills, through ‘SUDOKU’ and ‘Math’s Quiz’ competition for its members.

The French Association of SAPUC aims for students to expand their knowledge of the French language and learn outside their books. The Association conducts various fun activities to capture the interest of students, while at the same time teach them more about French language and the Culture and Civilization of France and other French speaking countries. The French Association also has an official Instagram page which is used actively as a means to connect easily with students and those outside our association. Our objective is to continue to hold competitions, webinars & activities that make students enjoy the process of learning the French language and make them want to learn more.

The Art club aims to provide an opportunity for the students to express their creative ideas and thoughts in the form of colourful art. It also provides a platform for the students to share and enhance their artistic knowledge, build confidence, exhibit team spirit, improve leadership quality, appreciate and encourage the imagination of peers. The club aims to enhance the artistic knowledge of its members through Spot painting competition, activities like making bookmark, greeting card, wealth out of waste, webinars &workshops on art, sharing the knowledge on art by the students through video presentation.

Inter-Religious Harmony Club provides a platform to its members to speak and act together with students of different faiths and beliefs. It encourages them to do things together such as Community projects, meeting socially and visiting each other’s places of worship. Inter-Religious Harmony Club aims to sensitise students about the problems of communalism and inculcate values of harmony, fraternity, brotherhood, tolerance, co-operation and non-violence which help in promoting peace, unity and social harmony through workshops and webinars. The club inculcates the values of harmony, fraternity and tolerance through a series of competitions on the themes Harmony in Attire, Harmony in Food, Harmony in Colours and Harmony in Festivals on the occasion of Harmony Week.

The Reporters' Club aims to aid its members in forming, perfecting and expressing their valuable voices and stories. It is a platform to adapt, adjust, and achieve their creative goals in innovative ways. The club encourages its members to express their valuable voices and stories through Caption Making, Article Writing and Debate competitions for its members. News Bulletin, Satire Writing, and many other stimulating competitions and activities are also conducted to contribute in making the current Aloysian academic calendar exciting for its students.