Lucet et Ardet

shine to enkindle

Inauguration of Associations and Clubs

Education, at its finest, aims at holistic growth of a child, and curriculum is not only the single criteria to reflect this. The various facets of the personality of children can be developed when classroom teaching is supplemented with co-curricular activities which affect all domains of life, such as cognitive, emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic. They build competitiveness, excellence, creativeness and enthusiasm, which enhance the quality of achievements of students. St Aloysius Pre-University College aims at broadening the horizons of our students and various intellectual and co-curricular activities to make this possible. The Associations play a major role in providing opportunities in this regard. The pandemic did not deter the associations from functioning. The co-ordinators and staff are conducting the association activities this year accepting the new normal. The college has introduced 50 various associations and clubs this year, to cater to every field of interest of students. The students registered in association of their choice online. The Associations were officially inaugurated on the 25th to 30th September 2020. As a part of the virtual inauguration, the associations invited resource persons to address and also held various activities for the association members. The Principal Rev. Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, Vice Principals, Mrs Charlotte D’Souza and Mr Muralikrishna G M, Deans, Dr Pradeep M and Mrs Kiran Shetty and Association Co ordinators, Mr Mohan Raj and Ms Vivette Lasrado were a part of inaugural programmes and motivated students for their future activities.

Results of the Association Competitions

Name of the Association Name of the competition I Place II Place III Place
Hindi Sangh भाषण स्पर्धा- हिन्दी संघ 2020-21 Rinisha Peter -19A3083 Jocelyn Heniel Crasta-19S0677 Anston Emmanuel Rebello-19S0909
Physics Essay Writing Winston Daniel Pais 19S1531 Akhil P B 19S1509 Alma mascarenhas 19C2208
HUMANITIES ASSOCIATION DIGITAL POSTER/COLLAGE MAKING Reachel Tanya Albuquerque - 19S0306 Shirlene Jewel Maben - 19A3088 Alrene Rhea Karkada - 19S1219 and Jayadeep Bhat - 19C19002
Chemistry Club Essay writing competition Sanjana Acharya - 19A3001 & S V Vaishnavi - 19A3018 Vishnu Menon - 19S0382 & Roydon Fernandes - 19S0336 Ananaya Anand - 19S0718 & Mahima Kini H - 19S0743
Eco club Autobiography of Nature Ziyana Mariyam - 19S0664 Shreya Sudhakar - 19S0268 Krithi UK. PCBH -7
Drums and Strings Guitar Solo Competition Ayston Rodrigues - 19S0818 Anand Shedde - 19S0802 Orville Anthony Sequeira - 19S1079
Art club Drawing Sakshi P.Chowta - 19C2654 Jeevika Suresh Devadiga - 19S0132 Shaun Clitus DSa - 19S1344
Bioscience association Model making competition Rachael Albuquerque 19S0306
Shasthriya sangeetha Light vocal (Indian) Nidhi J M - 19S0152 Vinith Poojary - 19S0850 Achal Venkatesh K - 19S0383
Inter religious harmony club Painting competition Sakshi P Chowta - 19C2654 Jeevika Suresh Devadiga - 19S0132 Saniola Andrea Dsouza - 19S0307
Western Music Association Sing for the World - Solo Singing Competition Blanche Rodrigues - 19C1903 Sanjna Mili Lobo - 19S0380 Alma Mascarenhas - 19C2208
Eastern and folk dance club COVID LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER Sathyashree - 19C2158 Anjaly - 19A2916 Panchami B Suvarna - 19S0466
Library Association Preventive measures to be taken to avoid pandemics in the future. Olivia Solomon - 19C2648 Alister Shaun Dsouza - 19S0445 Prenisha Dsouza - 19S0384
Tulu koota Tulu essay writing Vinith Poojary - 19S0850 Radhakrishna bhat - 19A3026 Karthik kulal - 19S0828
Computer Club MS Paint Drawing Competition Rhea Monalisa Dsouza - 19C2760 Arlene Rhea Karkada - 19S1219 Pratheeksha Prabhu - 19S2864
Kannada sangha Kannada katha sparde Neeha Niyola Rodrigues -19C1907 Alister Shaun Dsouza - 19S0446 Chithara S - 19S0346
MALAYALAM ASSOCIATION Coin your views Aveni.S.Biju - 19A3090 Pooja Krihna.M -19S0155 Sanjana Bridgate - 919C2062
Commerce association Poster making competition Jeevika Suresh Devadiga - 19S0132 Ruvin Jose - 19C1963 Vibha DC - 19C2873
Philately club Stamp designing competition Shancy Mendonca - 19S0607 Manasa Dcosta - 19S0866 Sneha.S. - 19C2660
Management Club Propagator Errol Calvin Lobo - 19C1922 Sathya Shreya - 19C2158 Rajvi Rakesh Vyas - 19C1939