Lucet et Ardet

It shines to enkindle

SAPUC Initiatives during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 Pandemic period, the education sector has witnessed various setbacks. Irrespective of these hurdles, St Aloysius Pre-University College rallies against all odds by living up to its motto ‘Lucet et Ardet’ - shine to enkindle.

We, at SAPUC, have taken several initiatives to reach out to the students and parents, braving uncertain times.

Online CET/NEET Classes

To help students revise for the upcoming CET/NEET exams, free online classes are being provided. Around 350 students from SAPUC and other Jesuit PU Colleges of the state have registered.

Online CA/CS Foundation Course

CA/CS foundation course classes are being conducted online, to help students prepare for the upcoming exams.

Online Basic French Course

A free online certificate course for students interested in French is arranged.

Telephonic Counselling During COVID-19

To support and guide the students, the department of Counselling is available for online counselling sessions.

Online Communication Skill Enhancement Course

To help students to improve their communication skills in English, a free online certificate course is arranged by the Department of English.

Online Course On Advanced C Programming

A Free online course on advanced C programming is arranged by the Department of Computer Science.

Association Activities

Association activities are an integral part of student’s life at SAPUC. A series of online competitions have been arranged by different associations.

Course Details In Brief